quick facts about me

I am 35 years old, was born in Giessen Germany, I have two adopted sons, a lovely step daughter, and have been married since 2012, with my husband since 2005. We love to take trips, go camping and watching movies together. I am a total extroverted introvert. I love my time alone at home, but weddings give me the chance to be an extrovert and meet new people. I grew up in a small town and moved to Bloomington, IL when I was 15. I am involved in a youth organization that helps at risk teens learn basic skills and healthy habits as well as making healthy one on one relationships with others. 

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+ I love a good joke
+ I am laid back but organized
+ I love tacos

quick facts about me

At your session/wedding I want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible, so I will ask lots of questions and love a good conversation that way you feel like a friend and a client. I like to make my clients laugh and love to do things during your time with me to break the ice. 

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my style

I also want each session to feel relaxed, laid back and natural. There is nothing worse than feeling posed & awkward. Also, spontaneous locations can be fun and the most rewarding. We may spend extra time in a location we didn’t plan because we saw it on the way and just had to stop. Its how my brain works!

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my shooting style

My mom said to me “Kat, I don’t know why you don’t own a camera already. You are so good at capturing our moments” So, She bought me my first professional camera. Needless to say I had no clue what I was doing but I used it every day I looked up YouTube videos and bought all the lessons on how to use a camera. After some time of shooting landscapes and friends I had a friend of my mom reach out to me and ask if I could capture her wedding. It was very small, maybe 30 people and she had no expectations from me, she just wanted to make sure she had some photos of her day. I agreed, and that is all she wrote.


why i became a

Committed to the highest quality photographic art and delivering stunning heirlooms, I pride myself on providing a custom approach to telling your story emotionally and impactfully. 

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Wedding pricing begins at $3000.
Portrait pricing begins at $650.

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