Be bold. Feel beautiful. Be empowered.

I am so excited to go on this journey with you! The self-love experience is for everyone. Regardless of your shape, size or age - be bold enough to celebrate self-love, feel empowered and fall in love with yourself - all the curves and beauty that come with it. See yourself in a new light and love yourself in a new way!

Thank you for booking email, Contract email, Our 4 week prior the wedding phone call is booked ) and your non-refundable retainer invoice is sent to you while everything gets put on my calendars. Once you have paid your retainer, and signed the contract then we shoot your engagement photos if you chose a package with that option. 

ready to book

Between this and your wedding I am always available by text, email or phone call and encourage my clients to reach out just to stay in touch. I love to hear how planning is coming along and getting pictures of all the beautiful floral and wedding day design decisions my clients are making. If I don't hear from you (Because we all know life gets busy) then I will reach out every so often to make sure everything is running smoothly. 8 weeks before the wedding, my clients will receive a long questionnaire asking about all the details of the wedding day. 

leading up to your wedding

Day of or day before I will send a quick message to make sure you don't need any last minutes; coffee, breakfast sandwiches, you know, all the things that allow you to make it through the day! Lets do this!!

your wedding day

+ 1 hour session
+ 2 outfit changes
+ professional hair and makeup

Investment: $800

Bare Bottom

Luxury Lace

+ 2 hour session
+ 4 outfit changes
+ professional hair and makeup
+ 10% discount on products
+ 8x8 10 page starter album
+ Bonus: 1 hour massage or facial

Investment: $2000

Book a Party

+ Professional Hair & Make Up
+ 1 Outfit Per Person
+ Lingerie Cookies
+ Drinks
+ Private Rooms
+ Viewing Party

+ 3o Min Session Per Person
+ Charcuterie Board
+ Chocolate Covered Strawberries
+ Breakfast
+ Mini Gift Bags
+ 1 Group & 2 Individual Digitals

Group of 4-6                          $4000
     Access to the carriage house, breakfast served in the main house

Group of 7-10                           $6000
     Access to the entire mansion as a private party!

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!